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Consult with a diamond expert

Consult with a diamond expert

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Engagement ring FAQ

The setting is how the diamond or gemstone is securely attached to the band of the engagement ring.

There are numerous types of engagement ring settings. Different types of ring settings change the style of the ring and offer varying levels of security. Some of the best engagement ring settings are:

  • Solitaire settings: Solitaire settings refer to any engagement ring with a single center diamond. Most engagement ring settings are a type of Solitaire setting.
  • Halo settings: Halo settings feature a center diamond fully encircled by pavé set diamonds.
  • Bezel settings: Bezel settings have a metal rim surrounding the center diamond.
  • Three Stone settings: Three Stone settings are comprised of one center diamond with two slightly smaller side stones on either side.

The most popular setting for an engagement ring is a Solitaire setting. Solitaire settings are timeless and versatile, with endless options to suit any style.

The metal choice and complexity of the engagement ring setting determine how much you should spend. Ring settings with side stones, pavé set diamonds, multiple bands, or intricate details will cost more than solitaire settings with a single, plain band.

At the time of publishing, our Petite 4-Prong Solitaire setting with a plain 18k solid gold band costs $650. By comparison, The Three Stone Halo setting, with two .25-carat side stones and an 18k solid gold band, costs $2,350.

The engagement ring setting matters for several reasons. The ring setting impacts the style of your ring, how big your center diamond appears, how durable your ring is, and how much your engagement ring will cost.

When choosing an engagement ring setting, consider the shape and carat weight of your center diamond, your preferred style, your budget, and your lifestyle. The ideal ring setting will enhance the beauty (and security) of your center diamond, and create the overall look and style you want your ring to have.

The best way to choose a ring setting is to book a complimentary appointment with our VRAI diamond experts. They can help you select a beautiful engagement ring setting that perfectly suits your preferences and style.

A Halo setting will make your center diamond appear bigger and more brilliant. Alternatively, a Bezel setting will also enhance the size of your center diamond.

Bezel settings are considered the most durable, safest engagement ring settings. This setting fully encompasses the diamond, with no exposed edges, providing additional security.

However, any engagement ring that is expertly crafted using premium materials will be secure. If you live an active lifestyle, work with your hands, or you want a larger center diamond, consult with our VRAI diamond experts to ensure that your preferred setting offers the security you need.